Ideal Flowers for Wedding Decorations


Here in New Zealand, flower decoration is a big factor for weddings. Every event management company in the country are well aware of the flower market. That is why the number of florist or flower retail businesses continues to grow.

Several event management companies are partnering with local florists to serve assuppliers for flower and other decoration companies. Here at Riccarton Florist, we have a wide selection of flowers that are suitable for weddings. However, there are only a few we consider to be the best.


Her in New Zealand, tulips are among the top choices of wedding flowers, especially for autumn weddings. In several cities, it is a common idea among organisers to first tie together petals and then remove it when the bride enters the room.

The idea is that while the bride walks down the aisle, the petals of each flower starts to open up to symbolize love and beauty. Tulips come in different colours including white, cream, pastels, pink, yellow, magenta and more.

It is always beautiful to see bridesmaids holding a flower rainbow field with fully bloomed tulips. To make things a lot better, tulips are very affordable here in New Zealand and there are a lot of online flower retailers offering bulk orders.


You can either choose if you want herbaceous or tree peony. The difference between those two is that tree peony’s flowers don’t last that long compared to the former when cut. Peony, believe it or not, means bashfulness in Victorian.

However, the flower’s beauty and pleasant fragrance gave a whole new meaning to it including happy marriage, romance and good fortune. Peony for a wedding can be used for different reasons. You can have the bridesmaids and the bride carry it.  You can also use it to create centrepieces.


If you like flowers because of the petals, then go with Ranunculus. This flower is multi-petaled and is a great alternative for common wedding flower choices like roses and stephanotis. The flower’s fernlike foliage is sure to capture people’s eye even if it comes in white, pink, yellow or orange.

There are so much more flower choices out there. Make sure to explore all of your choices before making a decision.

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