Decoration Tips for Corporate Events


Decorations should always be present for whatever type of event. Decorations for celebration-themed events are easier to accomplish like weddings and birthdays. However, that does not mean that decorations, especially floral decorations are difficult for corporate events.

Believe it or not, here in New Zealand, several companies are partnering up with local florists for their events. To help you understand and at the same time throw in some ideas, here are top decoration tips for corporate events.

Get the Right Flowers

Flowers for events are mainly chosen for their appearance on how they complement the event. But there is something more meaningful behind just how a flower looks. In most cases, flowers are named after representations or meanings.

For example, did you know that the flower edelweiss stands for courage and devotion? Why not use this flower for centrepieces and as a great opening line for your business speech?

Other flowers signify attributes and symbols for business-related traits like success, growth and profit. There are even flowers that stand for justice like the Black-eyed Susan.

Online casino companies are sold to this idea with most of them giving flower souvenirs or giveaways during their events. Check out the latest events of Lucky nugget New Zealand.

Also, flowers are perfect when giving tokens of appreciation or celebrating someone’s success and growth.


Are you aware of biophilia office design? This idea is the integration of floral features and resources not only as decorations but as interior materials for an indoor area. That is right. People nowadays are not just putting potted plants on their desks.

Several corporate events held in Auckland in 2019 were largely influenced by this idea. They achieved this by sprucing up events with flowers, plants and vines. Instead of clutter, the idea showed sustainability that is a top objective for businesses nowadays. You are not just decorating an event; you are also helping save mother earth.

Wow them with an Entrance

We will not be providing specific ideas; however, you can’t go wrong with sustainable materials when it comes to a grand entrance. Make what you can from that. Corporate events always have a theme or a particular topic to be discussed.

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